Human Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin

Strength: 100 IU per container (1.0 ml): each container contains 100 IU of rabies antibody potency, and filling quantity is 1.0ml.
Dosage Form: Liquid



Dosage and Administration: The product is for intramuscular injection exclusively; intravenous infusion is contraindicated. 
1. Maternal and child block: Newborns whose mothers are HBsAg positive should receive 100 IU of the product within 24 hours after birth. The dosage and timing of administration of hepatitis B vaccine please refer to the package insert or the direction of the physician.
2. Prevention from hepatitis B: each single human dose of 100 IU for children and 200 IU for adults; a repeated dose is injected at an interval of 3
~4 weeks if required. 
3. Accidental infected: inject 8
~10IU/kg BW as soon as possible (at latest not more than 7 days); inject one more dose every other month.

      Indication: The product is used to prevent hepatitis B, and indicated for:
      1. Newborns whose mothers are HBsAg positive.
      2. People with accidental infection
      3. Close contacts with hepatitis B patients or hepatitis B virus carriers.

Precautions when using:

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