Human Immunoglobulin

Strength: 300mg/bottle(10% 3.0ml)

Dosage Form: Liquid

Dosage and Administration:

Administration: The product is for intramuscular injection exclusively; intravenous infusion is contraindicated. 
Dosage: 1. Prevention of measles: Measles contacts may be injected 0.05~0.15 ml/kgBW within 7 days to prevent or relief the disease. Each single human dose of 1.5~3.0 ml for children under 5 years of age and maximally 6 ml for children above 6 years of age. One single dose generally gives 2~4 weeks period of protection. 
2. Prevention of infectious hepatitis: 0.05~0.1 ml/kg BW, or each single human dose of 3 ml for adults and 1.5~3.0 ml for children. One single dose generally gives one month period of protection. 

Therapeutic Indication: Used for prevention of measles and infectious hepatitis. It will be helpful to improve the curative effect for some serious bacterial and virus infection.



Precautions when using:

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