Human Tetanus immunoglobulin

Strengths:250 IU per container (2.5 ml): each container containing 250 IU of tetanus antibody potency, filling quantity of 2.5 ml. 
Administration and Dosage:
Administration: inject intradermally at the buttock; skin test is not required. 
Dosage: 1. Prevention dose: each single human dose of 250 IU for both children and adults. Double the dose for those with more serious wounds or more seriously polluted wounds. 

2. Reference therapeutic dose: 3000~6000 IU, which should be used up as soon as possible. Injection at different sites is allowable. Follow the direction of the physician.

Therapeutic Indication: The product is used for prevention and treatment of tetanus,especially indicated for those with anaphylaxis to antitoxin.



Precautions when using:

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